Chocolate Makers: Surge Ahead of Your Competition

We are looking for chocolate makers who want to dominate in the mid-market. If you want to at least 2x your business in the next two years, we want to talk to you.

The Problems

Our research of the chocolates industry has identified three primary pain points:

It is hard to sell the business (especially at a good or great price).

Often chocolate production businesses have reached capacity limits. A large investment is needed to go to the next level.

There are supply problems: ingredient costs keep going up, delivery is inconsistent, and there are conflicts at the cacao source, to name a few.

Consequently, these challenges lead to deeper pain

Even more time away from family.
Income limits.

These are especially challenging for
mature owners looking to exit in the next few years.

The Solutions

Exponentially grow

your business to create a larger, more valuable company, and attain a wealth event.

Achieve scale

through acquisition, joint ventures and partnerships to expand output.

Diversify supply chain

through purchasing power, stronger relationships, and a broader raw materials base.

The Process

You gain

a team of experts at your disposal to focus your company’s growth in a highly profitable direction.

Your have

access to ongoing research into the chocolate industry as well as other ancillary industries that have the potential to lower costs and increase margins.

Your people

such as your employees, customers, and other stakeholders will have access to expanded opportunities and benefits.

Your products

can widen and reach more markets, more distribution points, and more customers through acquisitions, with consumer segment and territorial growth.

The Benefits

You (as owner or CEO)

have the opportunity to exit at a much higher value and multiple.

Your Team

expands, their capabilities increase, and your time is freed to focus on your company’s vision and direction.

In the end,

your life is yours again. You see your family again. And you finally get to extract the cash you built in your company.

Are you going to keep fighting on your own,
or are you going to achieve dramatic growth with us?